Help Us Build a Library for Lavié

Defenders of intellectual freedom libraries hold incredible promise for our minds. Give as little as $10 to build this library. Your name will be featured on Library’s Donors Wall.*

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Donation Total: $50

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LAVIE GRASSROOTER: $50 Receive the book Kofi, a Child of Lavie

CHANGE FELLOW: $250 Receive a “Seeds of Change” t-shirt and the book Kofi, a Child of Lavie

ADVOCATE: $1,000 Spelling Bee competition named after you*

FRIEND-OF- CHANGE: $2,500 Reading Club named after you*

BRONZE DONOR: $7,000 Library hall named after you*

SILVER DONOR: $10,000 Women’s Literacy program named after you*

GOLD DONOR: $12,000 Computer room named after you*

PLATINUM DONOR: $15,000 Study room named after you*

CHANGE ALLY: $20,000 Auditorium named after you*

CHANGE MAKER: $70,000 Library named after you*

In the western world, libraries are the world’s most basic resource for advancement of people. Every school has one. Kids have library cards to their local libraries. Students connect to the rest of the world while working on their research assignments. The local business owners do research for their next endeavors. A local humanitarian looks up facts and figures on poverty, disease, malaria, child death and learns ways to prevent them and save lives. Townspeople read books, learn basic computer skills to achieve knowledge & intellectual leverage. Yet in many places such as Lavié people are  denied this precious resource. Even schools don’t have libraries.

“Until every child’s dream of access to books & reading, to information & to information technology in a library, that is conducive to learning, is realized…”

 Imagine your local school without a library, or your town without a public library. Now, come and walk in the shoes of the folks in Lavié. If your decision to help is unequivocal, that’s how we feel. We have started to build one. At an estimated cost of just $70,000 this first ever library will be built in Lavie. Manpower is fully made available by the supporting community. The library is designed by Li/Saltzman Architects, PC of New York. It provides well over 10,000 square feet for books, periodicals, DVDs, computers, quiet reading areas and meeting spaces. The library will serve as a lending source for books, newspapers and magazines. It will function as a place for students to access information, a community resource that supports the educational and cultural needs for children and teens. Through computers and Internet facilities, townspeople will be linked with the rest of the world for a global learning experience.

(*When we reach this fundraising goal and build the library, we’ll feature all donors’ names on the Donors Wall in the newly built library. We’ll need your name & contact info sent to us. If you don’t wish to be recognized please let us know in writing.)