Our Mission


We are a grassroots organization with a singular mission to plant the seeds of change by helping children, who otherwise would not be able to complete or get an education due to the financial limitations of their families, to fulfill their dream of learning to read and write. 

from the marketIt’s hard to dismiss education as the tool for individual progress as well as progress for the nations. In the western world, it is through education that children grow up with power to influence decisions that affect their livelihoods. They lead secure and fulfilled lives as a result. Here, at home, the improved access to classrooms we enjoy can sometimes make one take education for granted. Most parents don’t have to choose between their children’s education and feeding them. Most children simply hop onto a school bus in the morning. They are not sent home because their parents cannot afford the cost of their education. They have access to at least one library to further normal progress in learning.

The same is not true for 5-year old Africans. Their counterparts in the western world have more chance of progressing to higher education than they have of making it through primary school. In fact, there are more than 36 million African children who are simply denied the most indispensable tool for individual progress. These are real people. Look at them as 50% of all the children in the United States not in school today and through no fault of their own. 

IMG_0691Now let’s follow them as they are back on the farm like their parents before them. Follow them as they wander in the market place hoping to make money to fulfill their own dream of learning to read and write. Let’s walk in their shoes as they try to beat down desperation but simply fall back into feeding the cycle of poverty instead. Make a decision to help.

We are not offering a billion-dollar solution. We are offering change. Change from the ground up only requires that 100% of the money we raise goes directly to those in need. For just $10 you can provide one child’s education for a year. We know how.