Our Community

Our community includes a network of problem solving volunteers at the grassroots level. They are no strangers to the problem at hand. Enabled by our donors, who believe that a gift for a child’s education means change from the ground up, they live by our mission with a stern focus on delivering results, one child at a time.


The Children of Lavié says thanks to the following grassroots supporters who have opened their hearts and wallets to upkeep our mission:

Dorian Aguayo

Salwa Ali

Sue Hope Alkin

Andre Allaire

David & Rochelle Alpert

Patrick Aquilina

Eleanor Arnold

Sue Avery

Megan & Kofi Amouzou

Leighann Bale

Lisa & Jeffrey Barlow

Desiree Baxter

Josh Burgher

Christina Schilli

Manna Jo Greene

Jessica Lavery

Judy Van Riper

Susannah Johnston

Marcia Malkoff

Maggi Landau

Drew Bancroft

Gwyneth Smith

Jeffrey Spar

Ellen Cohen

Gary Errick

Alison Adler

Richard Blum

Allen & Gail Shiner

Anne O’connell

Sharon Freach

Michael Goslin

Gheorghe Vaidean

M. Raj

Marc Katzman

Travis Knipe

Michael Gorden

Jane Fanning

Richard and Miok Salz

Sanghyub Lee

Vidhya Rao

Weiner Rabinowitz

Warren Hueber

David Lewis

Michelle Desikan

Michael Fuschillo

Anne Right

Robert Locke

Theresa Nugent

Clark Hung

Benjamin Cahr

Jane Acton

Shirley Kwan

Sonia & Kirk Daley

Nancy Hershatter

Alexander&Ruth Sherman

Lucio Cacharani

Maryanne Brunner

Laurie Carter

Elyse Chaput

Mary Colonna

Jeannine Corey

Hyun Sook Suh

Catherine & Jeff Cowden

Trish & Steve Csuka

Bonnie & Don Cuneo

Eric Miller

Tara & Shawn Dilkes

Herman Donnenfeld

Lee Engel

Mohamed Faisal

Dena & John Fisher

Mary Ann Fountain

Mary Gallagher

Mea & Emily Geizhals

Tunde Giwa

Mimi Gladstone

Amy&William Goldsmith

Mike Gordon

Wei Xu

Julie Gross

Michelle Vendley

Mary Hatch

Ed Holowinko

Adam Conti

Bill Hunter

Christine Brykowytch

Piper Hutin

Beverly Feurer

Alice Pfeifer

Toni & Al Hutin

Frances Jeffrey-Cooker

Noelle Miller

Hallie Wolfe

Sadio Jonas

Roberta Siegelbaum

Evelyn Jones

Alan Knipe

Marie & Edward Lamb

Carolyn Lane

Joyce Lannert

Hwi Sung Lee

Cheryl & Shawn Lavery

Sharon & Mike Lavery

Lily Lin

Ed Liona

Wendy Lazar

Luigi New York

Virgil Marina

Diane May

Leila May-Landy

Dorla McIntosh

Tshaye Meaza

Judy Miller

Susan Miller

Eleanor & Luis Murillo

VP Nair

Sheela Pai

Lawrence Pasquale

Sarah Perry

Liz Peterson

Craig Purdy

Barbara Rosin

Judith Saltzman

Shelley Saltzman

Sue Scheffel

We are humbled by the support and the generosity of the following contributors:

Birdhouse Creative, Asheville, NC

The Li.Saltzman Architects, PC, NY

Pete Seeger’s Walkabout Coffeehouse, NY

Herman Rottenberg, Eleanor & Herman Rottenberg Foundation, NY

Join us and inspire change from the ground up.